"Holy Carp," are two words I want people to say when I show them my portfolio and it's the identity I use when doing freelance design work. The jocular identity communicates my philosophy behind effective design, and that is to give someone pause, get noticed and maybe even smile. This also represents the concept driven visual design I would like bring to your company.

As a visual artist I've learned several truths about effective design and communication. I know that concept is king, communication should be clear, and never be afraid of negative space on a piece of packaging or brochure.

In a perfect world I would be able to push pixels, lay out fliers, and create logos all day long, but I've learned that life can't be all about color swatches, font choices, and paper weights...experience has taught me how to negotiate budgets with printers, prioritize deadlines, and clear paper jams. I know the right questions to ask and when to pull up my sleeves, put on a little more coffee and stay until the work is done. Please browse my work in the Portfolio section of the site, and if you'd like to ask any questions or get a quote for a project feel free to reach me from the Contact page.


Holy Carp Design is dedicated to creating effective branding for your company. Logos are developed so they will make your company stand out from the rest of the crowd. Effective concept driven design will help you succeed in maintaining a memorable identity for your product or service.


A vibrant brochure, a memorable post card or a thoughtful greeting card all make your company stand out. Hiring a company that has created successful marketing campaigns and keeps up to date on mail standards will empower you to communicate with customers on a consistent basis.

All work Copyright 2012 by Carl Grivakis