Holy Carp started out as an idea, conveying the whit and humor of its creator, Carl Grivakis. The basic tenants of the logo design are akin to the driving factors in the creator's process. This includes:

First Impression - Does your customer react the way you would like them to when they see your logo and business collateral? The Holy Carp identity is meant to make the client immediately smile.

Love at Second Glance - Creating a brand that sticks with your customer, easily recalled and shared with others, or evoking more emotion than someone might have right out of the gate. Looking at Holy Carp people read it initially as 'Holy Crap,' but look again and the image and the text read correctly as Holy Carp. Making the customer linger for just a moment might make them consider your services and deliver a better return on your investment.

The Total Package - Understanding the message, the goal and the audience. These elements brought together will create a strong vision for your project and draw clients back to your site or react to your advertising.

Graphic and visual design is about communication, my goal as the artist is to communicate your message clearly to your customer.

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"He is a very talented and creative graphic designer… but also takes the time to understand the production side of the business, which goes a long way to insure that the printed piece will come out the way he intended. He is detail oriented, asks the necessary questions and works with the printer in advance, to make sure everything goes smoothly and there are no surprises. He is also a very good communicator and I find it easy to clearly understand what he is looking for." Kevin Lentini, Account Executive, UniGraphic Inc.

"Carl is an independent, self directed person who is able to communicate effectively and meet even the most demanding challenges. While his on the job performance has been nothing less than stellar, Carl has also become a close friend to many of us. He is a team player, a great person and an absolute necessity to our convention." Jessica Gavriel, Vice Chair & Secretary, Another Anime Con

“Carl is a pleasure to work with and he is very detail oriented with our projects. He takes our basic ideas and is able to create the perfect advertising and promotional materials while making it seem effortless.” Lisa Sussenberger, Chairperson, Another Anime Con


  • Logo design and branding
  • Direct mail advertising
  • Pre-press and production
  • Vector illustrations
  • Print brokering
  • Web design
  • Web banner ads
  • Email marketing
  • Large format design
  • Graphic program tutoring

Partial Client List

  • Another Anime Con
  • Unite 4 Sight
  • Total Confusion
  • PEER Servants
  • Palisades Paperie
  • Open Gaming Convention
  • Northgate Productions
  • Committee to Elect Sean Garballey
All work Copyright 2012 by Carl Grivakis